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My name is Katie and I am mumtrepreneur, creative director of the Rustic Wedding Show and founder of wedding planning and styling company, Songbird Weddings and Events (Phew, I thought my days of long titles were gone!)

A love of all things weddings and an inability to sit still for one minute caused me to dream up the Rustic Wedding Show concept one dismal day in January this year.

Thankfully, for Instagram, at about the same time I connected with the lovely Iona who was launching Lattenbury Hill Weddings, a stunning farm style wedding venue in Cambridgeshire. Iona’s bubbly and excitable character meant she instantly understood my vision of what I wanted the show to be and from the outset was a fantastic support.

Image of Rustic Wedding Show at Lattenbury Hill in April this year by I Pics

Well it feels like a total whirlwind since that point just 9 months ago and 3 shows in 3 counties later!

It’s funny when you see “9 months” because as a mum of 2 I always think, I could have grown a baby in that time … what have I achieved?! (Insert necessary life panic!) But grow a baby I have. I am so proud of the Rustic Wedding Show and its new found reputation with suppliers and couples alike. I am excited to see it grow and have so many ideas of the next stage. The best thing about having created a good show is that you get amazing suppliers who want to come and they bring energy and ideas and make sure the show is on-trend with all the latest in bridal style.

So what is the next step I hear you ask… WELL.. we have another show in Cambridge in April (don’t try and get the venue out of me you sneaky lot… the launch is coming soon!) AND even more exciting than that we have started an online directory of all the fabulous suppliers we have come to know and love! They are local, they are brilliant and they all love this style of wedding. And (there’s more I here you cry… yes, yes there is) we are starting a blog (yes I realise you are reading the first post so you’ve probably worked that out). We will be blogging all about outdoor weddings and wedding style as well as our regular “meet the supplier features” and “Real Wedding” features.

Stay tuned….Let’s do this!

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